Third Years (Years 7 & 8)

Leadership, endeavour and scholarship

Pupils in the final two years at St Paul’s Juniors are known as Third Years (Years 7 & 8).

With the 11+ entry our oldest two year groups are larger, each having six forms of around 18 boys. Our new entrants bring a valuable added dimension to life at St Paul’s Juniors.

Leadership opportunities in the final two years are plentiful. Pupils may be selected to be a ‘buddy to a new pupil, or perhaps be chosen by their peers as House Captain, lead a choir or the Orchestra or captain a sports team. They may also apply for the prestigious role of School Monitor. The focus is very much on developing fully the capabilities of each boy in preparation for his next stage of education at St Paul’s School.

Academically the pupils embark on their Key Stage 3 education with the added dimension of Ancient Greek in the Upper Third Year (Year 8). This secondary-style education transitions smoothly into the curriculum on offer at St Paul’s School.

A day in the life of a Third Year pupil

‘I do not think of SPJ as being just a school, or a place where you have to go to learn; it is now home.’

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Academic Life

Our aim is to enable pupils to be the best that they can be in a lively, stimulating and rewarding environment.

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Beyond the Classroom

Pupils have an opportunity to take part in a huge number of sports clubs and musical, dramatic and artistic activities at St Paul’s Juniors.


Our pupils flourish under the individual attention we offer at St Paul’s Juniors, forming close bonds with their fellow pupils, staff and their Form Tutors.