University Destinations

St Paul’s School is proud of its outstanding record of achieving university success. Virtually all our Upper Eighth (Year 13) students continue their education at university.

Of our pupils who choose to go straight to university, 34% of pupils accepted places at universities within the top 10 in the , and 52% of pupils accepted places at institutions within the top 20. Of our pupils who choose to study in the UK, over a quarter go on to Oxford and Cambridge, and 98% go on to Russell Group universities.

28 pupils chose to accept places at top American universities. This figure includes 3 students each to University of Chicago and Columbia University, as well as 2 students each to Yale, Princeton, Cornell and Brown. Other US universities include Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and Stanford.

A small number of our pupils choose to take gap years, paid employment, apprenticeships or internships.

A full list of our university destinations for pupils starting university in 2023 (as at 14 September 2023)