The enjoyment and critical appreciation of literature and language lie at the heart of our work.

All our courses offer pupils the chance to experience a variety of challenging and stimulating literature from 1350 to the present day.

Fourth Form (Year 9)

The Fourth Form course is designed to foster a love of the written word whilst developing analytical and creative skills. Pupils study many examples of challenging literature and non-fiction across a range of genres.


Pupils follow the Cambridge IGCSE courses in both and . The courses allow our teachers the best opportunity to offer an inspiring and challenging English education that extends well beyond the examined curriculum. Pupils will experience the delights of in-depth textual study whilst also being encouraged to pursue their own areas of interest independently; they will hone their analytical and argumentative skills whilst also becoming thoughtful writers themselves.

A Level

The Eduqas A-Level is the most exciting and stimulating English Literature course available. We believe it will leave students with a detailed knowledge of great literary works across the ages, from Chaucer to the present day, helping to develop a love of literature and build vital skills for life beyond St Paul’s.

The course is neatly structured, with individual components being devoted to a particular genre. The set texts are thought-provoking and well-chosen, allowing for exciting in-depth study of individual works and meaningful comparison between texts. Independent study is encouraged and rewarded throughout, and is given especial focus in the non-examined assessment where candidates are able to take ownership of their own exploration of prose texts in a full-length essay.


Those pupils interested in pursuing their reading interests are invited to join the English Society, run by staff and pupils themselves and offering the chance to explore literature in an informal environment. There are ample opportunities to write creatively and to have work published: Pandaemonium showcases prose works, while Areo collects together the best poetry and drama; both feature submissions from pupils of all ages. The Edward Thomas Society gives pupils a platform to share their work in a supportive critical environment, helping them to hone their skills with like-minded enthusiasts.

The department also publishes the ,  a forum designed for pupils, staff and parents to share ideas about literature or offer reading recommendations.

Debating Society

The Debating Society sees new and experienced debaters tackle a different motion every week.

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The English Society

The English Society is open to all pupils and provides a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which to appreciate literature during the long lunch-break.

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