Teaching and Learning

Our pupils love to learn - and our teachers love to teach.

Just as there’s no such thing as a typical Pauline, there’s no such thing as a typical St Paul’s teacher – teachers bring their own styles and methods according to what works best for the pupils in their classes.

But all the teachers have two things in common – a passion for their subject, and a genuine care for the pupils – a desire to see the pupils succeed in their learning.

Teaching is challenging and inclusive – and responsive to pupils’ needs. We frequently go well beyond the confines of examination syllabuses because our pupils and our teachers want to.  But there is also time to process, to read, to listen and to reflect. We make use of the most modern technology, and teaching methodology, but pupils read and write and debate as they always have.

Classrooms at St Paul’s School are places of palpable joy, energy and pace. Scholarship is practised and celebrated for its own sake, and lifelong good habits are formed: pride in academic work, intellectual curiosity, the development of an argument and the value of listening.  Above all, they are places of laughter, generosity and teamwork, where pupils develop and pursue their academic interests, supported by highly-qualified subject-specialist teachers. Relationships are relaxed and yet purposeful, and underpinned by a genuine sense of cooperation and respect for others.

Our pupils move on seamlessly to university and beyond with optimism and confidence and humility, already used to organising their own time, to studying in depth and to mixing and debating with others.