Engineering... "is all about making things that people want or need and that work well... Creating these things is hugely exciting: it is an inventive, fun activity." - James Dyson

Learning about Engineering and the related technologies prepares pupils for the future, enabling them to embrace our rapidly changing world. They learn to think and intervene creatively in order to improve the quality of life for others.

Engineering calls for pupils to become autonomous and creative problem-solvers, as individuals and as members of a team. They must look for needs, wants and opportunities and respond to them first by developing a range of ideas and then by making practical products and systems. They combine practical and technical skills with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices. They reflect on and evaluate current and historical design and technologies – and their impact on society.

Through the Junior Engineering projects offered from Lower Second to Upper Third, all pupils can become discriminating and informed product users, innovators, problem solvers and creative thinkers. This prepares them for the more advanced projects offered at the Senior level.

Junior Engineering is taught in the superbly resourced workshop facilities in the St Paul’s Engineering Department. This enables St Paul’s Juniors pupils to access extensive equipment usually unavailable to pupils of this age.


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In the Workshop
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