Selection Procedure for 11+

Entrance examinations to St Paul’s Juniors at 11+ have two stages followed by an interview at the school.

All Year 6 11+ candidates are required to take the . For 11+ 2025 entry, parents should register their son with ISEB from 10 June 2024. It is recommended to sign up to the via their website, so that parents receive details on the registration process. There is no additional charge to register with ISEB.

Boys are able to sit the test here at St Paul’s School or at their current school, if they are an ISEB registered invigilation centre. Those 11+ candidates who are successful in the ISEB pre-test are invited back to sit written examinations in English and Mathematics St Paul’s in January.

If you are applying for a bursary award, the application process for that begins if your son is invited back for the written examinations in January.

If your son performs well in the written exams, he will be invited back for an in-person interview. These begin just weeks after the examination date. Your son will meet senior members of staff in his interview, as well as the Head. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to meet the Head.

Overseas candidates must attend the written examinations in person and may need to return to the UK at a later date if invited back for an in-person interview.

We are not able to send out past papers in Mathematics and English; however, we do provide a .

For further advice and information, please email the 11+ Admissions Officer.

Email: BPL@stpaulsschool.org.uk