Intramural Competitions

St Paul’s School

Tutor groups at St Paul’s are blocked into eight different houses, each led by their Undermaster. An inter-house competition is held throughout the year, with activities including sports, the arts, engineering and games, designed to accommodate pupils of all interests and abilities. The house system enables our pupils to enjoy healthy competition whilst forming lasting bonds with those in different year groups.

While scores are kept for the overall competition, and a cup is awarded, the real aim of the house system is to encourage participation and to give opportunities for all pupils to represent their club.

St Paul’s Juniors

All pupils at St Paul’s Juniors belong to one of our four houses: Ash, Beech, Oak or Thorn.

The house system helps to foster team spirit across the school with pupils being supportive of, and being supported by, their house community. Further information is available here.

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