Meet Charlie

Theatre technician, volunteer and creative writer.

Creating worlds and stories is one of the things that Charlie most enjoys spending his time doing, so for his EPQ Charlie wrote excerpts from a novel in the style of Sir Terry Pratchett. Taking that creativity to the stage, Charlie has an undeniable passion for technical theatre, something he hopes to pursue as a career. As a backstage member of the National Youth Theatre, he’s also enjoyed teaching skills learnt there to the younger boys as a chief of Theatre FX, and as a volunteer at a local community theatre group. Charlie has explored everything from sailing and fencing to singing and Warhammer, so it’s a wonder he has any time to continue his knitting at the end of the day, a skill which he learnt in a lunchtime activity.

I've had some of the most fun working with those younger than me - from being one of the chiefs of theatre FX, to helping out as a young leader at the local beaver scout group, to gaining my dinghy instructor qualification and teaching kids to sail.