St Paul’s in Partnership

In 2018-19, we launched a new partnership model as part of the Shaping Our Future campaign.

Our original aim was to make our school a more integrated part of our London community and facilitate curriculum development and expansion through continuous professional development, shared resources, and SPS teacher access. Over the last year, we have increased our investment in partnership work by 145%.

We noticed a genuine desire among pupils and staff to participate in more volunteering and partnership work. To achieve this, we expanded the scope and reach of our existing programme. We collaborated with St Paul’s Girls’ School to consolidate relationships and build new ones with other local primary and secondary schools, both state and independent.

Our goal was to create a Learning Partnership group to share expertise and best practice across all member schools, and from this ambition, the was formed.

We have significantly increased our impact within the local community and beyond, through partnership work and voluntary service, directly reaching over 3000 young people each year.

Our own pupils and staff benefit significantly from such relationships and educational opportunities, whilst making a positive impact beyond our own school through meaningful two-way relationships. Working closer with other school leaders, we have been focused on meeting genuine need and having maximum impact.

The aim now, through our Shaping Our Future: Next Steps campaign, is to fundraise £1.5m over the next two years to continue to embed this work further and ensure that it is sustainable in the upcoming period.

Read more about the partnership projects we will be funding and areas where you can support below. These opportunities are not exhaustive. If you would like to discuss funding other partnership opportunities, please contact the Development and Engagement Team at community@stpaulsschool.org.uk.

Sports Partnerships - £50k
Music and Drama Partnerships - £50k
STEM Partnerships (Science, Maths, Engineering, Computer Studies) - £200k*
Humanities Partnerships - £20k
Higher Education Preparation - £15k
Entrepreneurship and Careers Programmes - £50k
Languages/Classics Partnerships - £20k
Primary Partnerships - £60k
Conservation Work and Sustainability - £35k
St Mary’s Ukrainian School Support - £50k
Sharing teaching, learning and management expertise - £650k*
St Paul’s Online, Colet Mentoring, and national links with Multi Academy Trusts - £300k