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Shaping Our Future: Next Steps

St Paul’s School was founded by John Colet over 500 years ago, with a strong social mission to educate bright and ambitious boys “of all nacions and countres indifferently” regardless of financial circumstances.

Since then, further philanthropy has shaped the school we enjoy today. The results have been transformative, helping us provide an inspirational environment of world-class teaching and learning. Colet’s vision still remains at the heart of everything the school does today, with the shared belief that the gift of education and educational opportunities can raise aspirations and transform young lives.

We are proud of the impact that we are able to have as a school through our Founder’s Awards (the St Paul’s bursary programme) and our extensive partnerships work and voluntary service within the local community. None of it would be possible without the generous philanthropy of generations of parents, former parents, Old Paulines, staff, pupils, trusts and local philanthropists, to whom we are very grateful. It is thanks to the collective power of our community that we are now able to embark on these next steps.

Whilst we have come a long way with the success of the first stage of our Shaping Our Future campaign, there is always more to be done. This second stage in the campaign will focus on the mid-term next steps in commitment to widening access to a St Paul’s education through bursaries and educational opportunities through partnerships. It is going to take time and the full support of our community, for which we are greatly appreciative and hope you will join us. .

To deliver in these areas, we are looking to invest an additional £8.5m over the next two years across bursaries and partnership work.

Areas for Support

Founder's Awards

We currently support 132 pupils on means-tested bursaries, ranging from 5-100% of fees and extras. Our ambition now is to widen access to enable 10% (approximately 151) of our pupils to receive a means-tested bursary to St Paul’s.

St Paul's in Partnership

Our extensive partnership programme inspires and engages pupils from both St Paul’s and the wider community. Over the last year, we have increased our investment in partnership work by 145%. Our aim now is to embed this work further.

We asked our school and partnership community, ‘What does St Paul’s mean to you?’

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