Pastoral Care – Age 7-13

Our pupils flourish under the individual attention we offer at St Paul’s Juniors, forming close bonds with their fellow pupils, staff and their Form Tutors: who guide them through all aspects of daily life.

The pastoral team is led by the Pastoral Deputy Head who works closely with the Head of First Years, the Head of Second Years and the Head of Third Years. They, along with other key members of staff, consider matters relating to the well-being of all pupils in the School.

Form Tutors monitor the progress, development and wellbeing of every pupil under their care so that each pupil feels they can discuss any issues they might have with someone who knows them as an individual. Each pupil has access to Tootoot, an online reporting tool, so that all pupils have an effective and private way of raising a concern and reaching out for support.

The wide range of activities available helps pupils to develop skills outside the classroom, and to find someone like-minded with whom to share their interests. Our House system encourages a broad social life across forms and year groups as younger pupils come under the care of older, more experienced pupils. We also run a cross-year buddy system, which enables older pupils to act as role models to the younger pupils and provide support to pupils when they first arrive at the school.

Our vision and values are provided here. We firmly believe that each pupil should feel that they matter and are cared for as an individual.

What to expect

Pupils have many different interests and talents but they all share a thirst for knowledge and a zest for life.

Form Tutor

Form tutoring is at the heart of our system of pastoral care.