Settling in at 11+

Boys join us at 11+ (Year 7) from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Our primary aim is to ensure that they settle quickly, make new friends and start to make the very best of everything on offer.

Each new boy is paired with a ‘buddy’, who is chosen to support the process of settling in and make it as smooth as possible.

In order to help boys catch up in Latin and French we offer a short course in the summer term prior to entry. This has the added benefit of allowing new boys to become familiar with their new environment, to get to know each other, and to meet some of the teachers prior to joining the School full time.

On the day before the autumn term begins, new boys and their buddies are invited to school for the afternoon. The buddies guide and support new pupils for the first few weeks and help them to become familiar with the clubs and activities on offer, as well as with the routine of everyday life. At the start of the academic year we organise a teambuilding activity for the whole year group. This is great fun and helps everyone to develop new friendships through working and playing in teams across the year group. It can also provide new pupils with opportunities to show off their own skills, interests and talents.

Within a few weeks the boys who joined at 11+ have become accustomed to the daily routine, established new friendships and started exploring the extensive range of extracurricular activities on offer.