Tutor System

Pastoral care for each pupil at St Paul’s is led by a carefully-chosen personal tutor who will act as mentor and sounding-board throughout their time at the school.

Tutors come to know the character and talents of their tutees and are superbly placed to help each pupil navigate the many decisions and challenges that arise in a school career.

Tutor groups are small, with no group having more than 12 pupils, which helps ensure that tutors are able to respond to each member of their group as an individual. ‘Friday Tutors’ is a much-loved highlight of every week, when all boys in the group enjoy time to relax and reflect together, often with cake!

All tutors are offered training in Youth Mental Health First Aid. As a result, tutors understand the pressures of modern teenage life and are exceptionally well placed to support their pupils, whatever life throws at them.

Tutors and pupils are in turn supported by a skilled and experienced pastoral and wellbeing team that includes expert counsellors, nurses, the Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing, as well as Heads of House (the Undermasters), the Head of Middle School and Head of Eighth Form, two learning support specialist teachers, and the school’s safeguarding leads.